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No Further Actions (NFAs)

No Further Action (NFA) Letter Archive

What is the definition of a no further action (NFA) letter? When a certified environmental professional concludes that a specific property has been investigated and, if required by law, remediated (cleaned up) to published, applicable state regulatory standards, they can prepare and issue what is called a no further action (NFA) letter. This document, typically developed and posted in a format specified by the state regulatory agency, describes the property’s former environmental problem(s), the methods with which the environmental problems were investigated, and how the property contamination has been managed. No further action (NFA) letters have different names in various states including, but not limited to, Response Action Outcome (RAO) letters. No further action (NFA) letters are highly sought after to address environmental due diligence objectives, most importantly in real estate transactions.

NESAD has developed, maintains, and makes available the largest collection of no further action (NFA) letters in the U.S. If you are seeking a location-specific no further action (NFA) letter, or have a no further action (NFA) letter you would like to deposit in the archive-depository, email same and your information to deposit@nesad.us.