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Corporate Advisors

NESAD™ Corporate Advisors: Conceptual Development and Ongoing Professional Mentorship

NESAD™ is commonly asked, “Who’s idea was NESAD™? From whence did NESAD™ come?” The actual concept of a national real estate due diligence depository-archive originated and evolved in 2012-2014 during numerous long distance telephone discussions (often lively) between real estate professionals practicing in the East and Southwest U.S. However, the applied, real world, critical input developed over the same period during market survey conversations with commercial real estate lenders, banking relationship managers, brokers, loan originators, real estate investors, and property owners who grapple with real estate due diligence matters daily. The NESAD™ Map Search™ program utilized by the NESAD™ depository staff and the archive subscriber-depositors was imagined, developed, and implemented over a three year period.

John W. Weller NESAD corporate advisor

John W. Weller (Maryland). John serves as NESAD™’s Senior Archivist, and is among the depository’s earliest professional staff. John is credited with developing the majority of NESAD™ ‘s core document management programming and geospatial map coding protocols, and forming the order of operations in managing professional document deposits, file encoding, and subscriber data systems. While not managing millions of electronic documents, John also serves as a Subscriber Services Representative. John has a college background in Philosophy and extensive professional experience in the Library Data Management Sciences.


J. Witt Sedlack NESAD corporate advisorJ. Witt Sedlack (Maryland). Witt is one of the “elusive few” who provided input on NESAD™ from initial concept (2013) through actual company launch (2016). During NESAD’s™ conceptual development, Witt provided perspective into how NESAD™ integrates into the due diligence industry’s inspection, assessment, and valuation practices. An experienced environmental risk assessor practicing in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, Witt investigated how NESAD™ would transform environmental and property condition assessment (PCA) practices. Witt holds a B.A. degree in Geography from Towson University.


Jack M. Williams NESAD corporate advisorJack M. Williams (Illinois). Jack served as NESAD™’s initial lead marketing consultant, and concentrated his efforts on defining NESAD’s™ position in the real estate marketplace and key NESAD™ subscribers and depositors nationally. Jack developed NESAD™’s first subscriber databases. In addition, Jack developed NESAD’s™ social and business professional networking website presences on Facebook®, LinkedIn®, and Twitter®, and provides insight on NESAD™’s ongoing branding. Jack holds a B.A. degree in Marketing/Brand Development from Loyola University of Maryland.


Rachael B. Lipman corporate advisorRachael B. Lipman (New Jersey). During the early period of NESAD’s™ conceptual development, Rachael provided perspective into how the NESAD™ concept would be received by the real estate lending, brokering, and due diligence consulting industries. Currently an experienced environmental risk assessor practicing in New Jersey, Rachael was at the time a real estate industry newcomer and thus was able to provide “industry outsider” insight on NESAD™. Rachael served as a “think tank” participant with NESAD’s™ developers. Rachael holds a B.A. degree in Environmental Sustainability-Science from Notre Dame of Maryland University.